(760) 244-6133

Drop Off / Pick Up Information

Students who ride the bus:
  • All students who take the bus to school will be dropped off at approximately 7:50am
  • The buses will leave Joshua Circle at approximately 2:47pm

Students who walk:

  • Students who walk will be released to walk home at approximately 2:40pm

Students who are dropped off or picked up:

  • In the morning, there is no supervision on campus until 7:50am. DO NOT drop off your child before that time.
  • In the afternoon, student pick-up time is 2:40pm.
  • First, Second and Third grade students will be released at the Eighth Street gate. You must wait in the line heading south on Eighth Street. Students will not be released to a car unless the car is in that line. You can also park across the street and physically walk over to pick up your child. Students will not be allowed to cross the street without an adult picking them up to take them across.
  • Fourth, Fifth and Sixth grade students will be released at the Hercules Street gate. You must park and walk up to the gate to pick up your child.
  • If your fourth, fifth or sixth grade student has a sibling in first, second or third, they will walk to the Eighth Street gate to meet their younger sibling to get picked up in that area.

Please drive safely. It is important to obey all traffic laws. For student safety, please be extra cautious at drop off and pick up times.

Bus Route Information

Bus stop times are listed below with AM pick up times, then Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday drop off times listed first, followed by the Early Out Wednesday drop off times. All school bus routes are also listed at hesperiausd.org on the Parent Information page. Those with questions may call First Student at 760-244-4022.

Route 7

Stop Pick Up-Drop Off/Drop Off Wednesdays Kindergarten Drop Off
Spruce and 2nd Ave 7:53 – 2:52 1:56 12:45

Route 8

Stop Pick Up-Drop Off/Drop Off Wednesdays Kindergarten Drop-Off
Locust and Mojave 7:37 – 2:51 1:55 12:44
Mesa and 11th Ave 7:42 – 2:56 2:00 12:49
Mesa and 9th Ave 7:44 – 2:57 2:01 12:50
Mesa and 7th Ave 7:46 – 2:58 2:02 12:51
Mesa and 5th Ave S/W 7:47 – 3:00 2:04 12:53
Mesa and 5th Ave S/E 7:48 – 3:01 2:05 12:54
Mesa and 3rd Ave 7:50 – 3:02 2:06 12:55
3rd Ave and Lemon 7:52 – 3:03 2:07 12:56